Alaska Brown Bear Hunt

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We just returned from an awesome bear hunt in Alaska. The 1st day I had a chance at 49 yards with a bow but passed him, he was not real big and it was too early in the hunt and we were in the bears. Throughout the next 5 days we say 12 brown bear. Weather cooperated for Alaska, it snowed and rained some but not too much to keep us from hunting. We finally located a good bear in the blueberries and started a stalk that took us 3 hours to go 1 ½ miles in the wide open tundra with few trees to hide behind. We made it to the last tree and we were still 74 yards away waiting for a closer bow shot but the bear got full of blueberries and was headed to bed down. A quick decision to switch to a rife for a 90 yard shot put him right down. All three of us on this trip killed out in 5 days. It was a good thing too because the weather broke loose and would have made hunting much tougher. To book a brown bear hunt contact us for more info.